How To Withdraw From Deriv Forex Broker in nigeria

Payment Agent withdrawal is one of the fastest withdrawal options on, It helps traders more relaxed because getting back their hard-earned trading profits are very simple. Check out how to do this below.

Withdrawal Pictures

Withdrawal through as payment agent via

Step by step procedure for withdrawing from Deriv in Nigeria.

 1. Log in to your Deriv account and ensure the funds are visible in your US Dollar account, or transfer funds from MT5 to USD account if needed. 

 2. Access the menu and choose "Cashier," then proceed to "Payment Agents."

 3. Opt for "Withdrawal" and validate your withdrawal email by clicking the authorization link sent by Deriv.

 4. Search for "" in the provided box, and review the options displayed.

 5. Enter the withdrawal amount, click "Continue," verify the recipient as, and finalize by selecting "Transfer Now."

 6. You're able to withdraw in increments of 2000 USD each during working days. On weekends, the limit is set at 1500 USD.

Wow! Is Your Withdrawal Successful?

Then send a withdrawal notice.

There you’ll find a questionnaire form on how we can send your cash to you ASAP. Very easy just click on the “Send Your Withdrawal Notice” button you may also open a free account with us.

What if a withdrawal brings an error or not successful?

Not being able to withdraw sometimes happens if you deposited via another medium. Watch the video below for more guide.

To avoid such, your account needs to be verified, you can know if your account is verified you are seeing the little   sign close to you CR Number.


If not yet verified and account verification page still tells you no need for verification yet? Then go chat with the Droid then navigate to talk with an online support agent, then request for quick account verification.

If you deposited via another medium you can still try withdrawing via same meduim and the sell the ecurrency to us here at and get paid instantly, check out our ecurrency exchange procedures. Payment Agent Withdrawal Written Procedures

How to withdraw through on

Login to your account (
Click Cashier.
Click Payment Agents.
Click Request withdrawal form.
Activate the withdrawal through the link sent to your mail.
After activation, select by name among the list of Agents or Select by Agent ID, Input: CR72231
Input amount……($10 minimum).
Click Withdraw.


Click send withdrawal notice.
Submit (Your cash will be sent).