Deposit guidelines for fund managers


Pay from your Personal Bank Account.

Send Payment


To be accepted as a fund manager you must have deposited using our service to your Deriv/Binary account not less than 30days before.

2A. Fill in your Student’s Deriv/Binary CR Number or Login ID alongside your own other details.

2B. Send an instant funding notice, if you are using our delayed funding then do skip this 2B.

Give a Payment Notice


Exchanging between two Deriv/Binary accounts is possible.

3A. You can also exchange between Deriv/Binary accounts, if your personal Deriv/Binary account is already having funds that you’ll want to send to another Deriv/Binary account, it attracts a 2% charge.

3B. Simply make a withdrawal and fill out the deposit form.

3B. The beneficiary name and Deriv/Binary CR Number or Login ID should be filled in the deposit form alongside your own email and phone number.

3C. We’ll call you to authorize the exchange within 15 minutes. NB: To do this you must have deposited before using our service.

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