Deposit guidelines for fund managers


Pay from your Personal Bank Account.

Send Payment


In the Payment notice, fill the form twice,

2A. Your Student’s Deriv/Binary CR Number or Login ID.

2B. Your own Deriv/Binary CR Number.

Give a Payment Notice


Your own Deriv/Binary account will be funded, then;

3A. Withdraw funds from your Deriv/Binary account back to Deriv Agent, see guidelines for withdrawal.

3B. After you successfully withdraw, the funds will immediately be exchanged to your student’s Deriv/Binary account wallet with a $0.5 fee on every successful student account funding.

3C. You can also exchange between Deriv/Binary accounts, if your personal Deriv/Binary account is already having funds that you’ll want to send to another Deriv/Binary account, it attracts a 5% charge, go here.

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