We have two ways to get started:

1. Get a done for you (DFY) telecom vending website for your company  and also be enabled to print MTN SME DataPIN for mass offline data recharge and distribution

2. Request our API (developers) and make more money from the telecommunication business now without worrying about manual delivery anymore.


We give you our API when you upgrade to either of the VIP plans on, you can
develop your site or app with your developer.




A subdomain example
where your portal is your unique company name or telecom venture name. No one
will be able to register on the previous exampled site except
via your subdomain link

How to get started with a sub portal:

1. Upgrade to the Marchant plan, see the Plan Information.

2. Contact support after upgrade to get your site and app design started, delivery is usually with 14days after filling the subdomain creation foam.

Terms: 1. Profits are auto-calculated monthly, you get paid every month from your earnings of the past month on the first of each month after we’ve deducted the cost of the merchant plan upgrade.

2. We are completely responsible for your capital, we fund your ongoing capital requirement on the portal so that all you do is to get active members, which in turn gives you profits for their transactions.

N.B: You don’t need any upfront investment, we will create your Mobile APP for you free of




www.YOURWEBSITE.COM + android/ios app

Done for you data/telecom website with SSL and user
portal = Upgrade to our one-time VIP upgrade, see the Plan Information.

This plan is recommended for registered companies.

Login > My Account > Add Money See
the automated wallet funding guide.

Login > My Account > Upgrade Plan (Upgrade to a VIP Plan).


With a minimum of a dedicated ultrafast
server of a 40 subdomain servers capacity (100 or 200 websites servers are also available).

Example: to
Company40 or Company200

To get started with the Multisite

1. Upgrade to our one-time VIP upgrade, see the Plan Information: .

2.  Request for your Multisite package while filing the portal request form.



The difference between the MultiSite Owners and the single portal website owners is that a MultiSite Owner can give out portals to
other clients while a Single Website owner only sells products on one site.

You may also choose to own both the Single portal site and the Multisite web portal site, the Single portal website may serve for your direct sales while the Multisite is for your reseller portals. They work 24/7 automatically for your resellers to drive sales as if they own a website too and your funds are secured by the use of major digital banking technology.

Want a Telecom portal? – Let us
know your choice.